Hughes ACR series of reclosers is clearly the most advanced and safest product of its kind on today's market. It is built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance. The model range is available for 6/15, 22/27 and 33/40kV.

Hughes Power System Auto reclosers for overheard line 12kV
  • Non enclosed switch for extra safety
  • Integrated disconnector for personal safety
  • Solid insulated. No harmful SF6 gas
  • Operation On and Off with full load without electric power
  • Core balance transformer for detecting low earth faults
  • Frame of "Marine grade" premium stainless steel


Hughes' ACR series of reclosers is designed and manufactured in Sweden for use in overhead distribution lines, in distribution substation applications and as an advanced Smart Grid building block.
The ACR recloser purpose is to automatically clear faults with very short interruptions.


The ACR recloser set includes: 

Hughes Power System overhead line recloser 24kV


The ACR recloser of the latest generation has the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance. Hughes reclosers are built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance due to the highest quality materials used in its construction;
  • Live tank construction (1). It completely eliminates the occurrence of internal arc faults and the risk of explosion or destruction inside the recloser switch tank. That makes it repairable in case one of the poles is damaged. It provides improved cooling of the vacuum interrupters due to unhindered air circulation. It has the increased creepage distance that allows the use of reclosers in an environment with a 4th degree of atmospheric pollution and cleaning of insulation without dismantling;
  • Solid epoxy insulation (2) of bushings and insulators. Silicon coating provides UV protection, is environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful SF6 gas or oil;
  • Vacuum interrupter bottles that can handle 20kA faults for 3s guarantee long term problem free operation in networks with many high current faults;
  • Highest quality stainless steel (3) is used for most of the parts to minimize electrochemical corrosion. The use of stainless steel in accordance with DIN50049 / 3.1B, thanks to its non-magnetic properties, completely eliminates the occurrence of any kind of corrosion, including electrochemical corrosion over the entire life of the recloser;
  • Spring stored energy operating mechanism (4). It provides turning On and Off the switch module even in the complete absence of power supply (voltage transformer malfunction, full battery discharge);
  • Manual charging (5) of the spring mechanism as well as switch operation On and Off are possible with the help of maneuvering arms located on a switch body. The spring capacity is enough for the full reclosing cycle (Off - On - Off);
  • Advanced protection relay with functions of directional fault detection, low earth fault detection, intermittent earth fault detection, automatic reverse power flow setting change;
Hughes Power System airbreak switch operator


Hughes Power System recloser and DISCONNECTOR comparison


          Utilities with:
  • weak network infrastructures;
  • multiple (SAIFI) or long (SAIDI) unplanned interruptions;
  • lifetime extension of existing network infrastructures;
  • hostile climate: cold or hot;
  • many customers per km cable or very rural areas;
  • regulatory perspective – heavy fines for interruptions;
  • SAIFI = system average interruption frequency index
  • SAIDI = system average interruption duration index


OVX vacuum circuit breaker
The OVX series of vacuum circuit breaker is a modular building system, enabling to build easy tailored switches for different qualified solutions.

The basic OVX can have the following built-in optional components.

  • Core balance current transformer (1) measures and detects extreme low earth currents and is suitable for all networks with isolated neutral point. This solution gives a secure detection of extreme low earth currents as the CCT unit combines all three phases in one winding;
  • Phase current transformers (2). The OVX can be fitted with a combination of none, two or three phase current transformers with different winding ratio and with multiple tapings and with built in voltage sensors;
  • Earth switch (3) is synchronized with the vacuum interrupter and cannot be closed when the vacuum interrupter is closed;
  • Disconnector switch (4) gives visible open points of all three phases for extra safety. The disconnector is synchronized with the vacuum interrupter and cannot be open or closed when the vacuum interrupter is closed;
Hughes recloser

FTU recloser control cabinet
The FTU recloser control is fitted with multiple microprocessors and digital signalling processors for high end performance. On top of the protection functionality, the FTU unit has also built-in RTU functionality for easy SCADA integration.

The FTU unit has built in DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, MODBUS, signalling protocol, optional IEC 61850 and IRIG-B for advanced GPS timing. The connection can be serial, IP/LAN or optical fibre. The OVX and FTU unit can operate in complex Smart Grid application or in a single stand alone application.

Hughes FTU protection relay


  • Fault clearance in over-head line networks;
  • Replacement of substation breakers;
  • Fault clearance in underground cable networks;
  • Capacitor bank switch;
  • Trunk and spur lines;
  • Dynamic networks with moving "normal open point";
  • Remote control;
  • In combination with sectionalizers;


What is a recloser?

A device the automatically disconnects the faults, it includes a vacuum circuit breaker, a protection relay and communication.

How does a recloser work?

It uses the same principle as a primary circuit breaker in a distribution station.

Where is a recloser installed?

In overhead lines and in boundary zones between overhead and cable networks.

What does recloser do?

Fixes up to 87% of faults by opening and closing the line.

How many reclosers can be installed in series on one line?

Max 3pcs

New Auto recloser Application

Hughes Protection Relay App is an unique tool for a modern Electrical Utility Linesman. Operation of the breaker, change of relay parameters etc.

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