Control units
for vacuum
circuit breakers

The CXB series of control units for vacuum circuit breaker modules is designed and manufactured in Sweden. It is intended to be used with the OVX, VX4 and LBS series of vacuum circuit breaker modules. The cabinet contains all necessary components for local and remote control of the device. The CXB unit has a parallel remote control Interface to a RTU.

Hughes Power System control cabinets for Vacuum breaker modules
  • Simple and user friendly solution
  • Built in advance battery controller/charger
  • Cabinet and mounting bracket of stainless steel
  • LED switch position indicators in operation buttons
  • Easy to interconnect to the switch gear
  • Easy installation and connection to RTU’


Hughes CXB control unit series is designed and manufactured in Sweden. It is intended to be used with the vacuum circuit breakers of the outdoor OVX series, the indoor VX4 series and the load break switch LBS series.

The cabinet contains all necessary components for local and remote control of the device. The CXB unit has a parallel remote control Interface to a RTU.

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The CXB control unit of the latest generation has the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance. Hughes products are built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance due to the highest quality materials used in the construction. 
  • External cabinet (1) of highest quality stainless steel. The use of stainless steel in accordance with DIN50049 / 3.1B, thanks to its non-magnetic properties, completely eliminates the occurrence of any kind of corrosion, including electrochemical corrosion over the entire life of the cabinet.
  • Special double roof (2) prevents water / snow accumulation and protects the internal parts from overheating in hot climates.
  • Padlock facility handle (3) protects from unauthorized access.
  • Protection lips from rain water (4);
  • Connector for antenna remote control (5);
  • Rugged pole mounting brackets (6) for different pole types;
  • Door alarm switch (7) activates when the door is opened and sends the signal to the SCADA system. This feature notifies about access to the cabinet.
  • Inventive climate system (8) for long term reliability. The lower louvers have a combination of a polymeric fine filter and a PTC thermoelement, which creates a moving air stream to the upper louvers. This air stream always evens out the day and night effect. The bottom of the cabinet has 5 drainage holes with micro filter preventing water gathering in case of any condensation;
  • Inventive protection system from water ingress via the outgoing drive shaft;
  • Communication to the control centre can be done via SMS, MODBUS, DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101/104 serial
    and IP communication via radio-GSM;
Hughes control unit


The CXB cabinet has the following components:

  • Operating panel with rotary switch Remote/Off/Local;
  • Operating buttons and indicators for the switch module;
  • Standard lead acid AGM type battery 2 x 12 V 20 AH;
  • Temperature compensated battery charger (UPS);
  • Internal ventilation system with special filter;
  • Heating system to prevent condensation and to give the electronics a long life and a good working environment;

Optional components:

  • Lightning protection for the antenna gland;
  • Li-Ion batteries for high temperature climate zones, 2 x 12.8 V 20 AH;
  • Input power (110 or 230V) surge arresters;
  • Communication unit option A: GIO-100 GSM/4G/LAN Router with IEC60870-5-104 signalling protocol and IPSec encryption and IP filtering;
  • Communication unit option B: GIO-200 GSM/4G/LAN Router with IEC60870-5-104 signalling protocol and IPSec and Open VPN encryption and IP filtering;
Hughes control unit


  • Rugged mounting brackets (1) for different pole types;
  • New! Grounding system cable theft alarm (2). See details here;
  • Antenna set for GSM/4G including: antenna, multi band professional glass fibre rod; pole mounted bracket for antenna; antenna cable 8M RG-213 N-N professional connectors and surge arresters for antenna N-N connectors;
  • Voltage transformer for 6/12kV, phase to phase connected, epoxy insulated with pole mounting brackets;
  • Insulation transformator 230/230 VAC
  • Surge arresters (3) for 6/15kV with mounting brackets;
  • Drop out fuses (4) for 6/15kV with mounting brackets;

Complete list of additional accessories is here.

Hughes control unit


The CXB control unit for vacuum circuit breaker can be installed on a wooden or concrete pole.

The standard installation includes below elements in the following sequence:

  • Voltage transformer (1)
  • Vacuum circuit breaker (2)
  • Interconnecting cable (3)
  • Control unit (4)
Hughes control unit

CXB can installed as one of the blocks of a switchgear scheme.
The installation includes below elements in the following sequence:

  • Voltage transformer (1)
  • Vacuum load break switch (2)
  • Control unit (3)
Hughes control unit


Description CXB-1
Dimensions, mm Wide body version 630 x 465 x 336 (HxWxD), multiple formats, custom fit
Weight, kg 45
Operating temperature (°C) -50 ... +60, Optional -10…+80
Enclosure IP55-65, non-magnetic stainless steel, optional painted in RAL or ANSI colour
Climate system 35 W PTC element
Thermostat (°C) on at 5°C off at 15°C
Operation voltage 90– 250VAC 240 W, temperature compensation;
Batteries 2 x 12 V 22 Ah AGM Lead cell
Battery optional 2 x 12.8 V, 22 AH Li-Ion
Control interface Paralell
Tests EN 60068-2-1 • EN 60068-2-2 • EN 60068-2-30 • EN 60068-2-52 • EN 60068-2-78 • EN 62271-102 6.103 • EN 62271-102 6.104 • EN 62271-102 6.105 • EN 60265

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Hughes Protection Relay App is an unique tool for a modern Electrical Utility Linesman. Operation of the breaker, change of relay parameters etc.

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