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Hughes Power System is a Swedish manufacturer of medium voltage switch gear products and reclosers for overhead, underground lines and substations. Very high quality standards together with innovative approach result in an advanced range of products, aiming to improve electrical distribution networks quality by minimizing the number and time of faults.

We are

The company's name honours one of the greatest innovators in the world of engineering - Howard Hughes.
We are very proud to be a part of the energy industry, a part of the group of professionals all over the world who's mission is to light up the people's lives. That mission inspires us to look constantly for new innovative solutions and to never be tempted to compromise on the quality and performance.

By creating great quality products we honour passionate people who are trying to make a difference today.

Hughes Power System specialises in research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of medium voltage outdoor and indoor switchgear products.
The majority of Hughes Power System’s products are designed and built in Sweden.

Swedish standards

Corporate values

Our vision

As we move towards our goal of being a world class advanced technological company in electrical utility products, we guarantee our commitment to the well known Swedish standards of reliability, safety and quality.

Our mission

Elegant, innovative solutions at affordable price!

Our slogan


Our team is one of the pioneers of "distribution automation" from the early days. Smart grids are current and future methods to rise the efficiency, minimise the number of interruptions, interruption time and distribution losses.

Design department ofMechanical

All our products are developed as 3D models and analysed by FEM methods (Finite Elements).

Material property analysing through FEM method

3D models design

Design department ofelectronic

Multi-layer circuit board design for protection relay and control systems

Multi-layer circuit board design review

Department ofproduction

We produce all our switch gear products, such as metal parts, cable looms and assemble the products in our facility in Väckelsång, Sweden.

Production of metal parts to switch gear in our metal CNC workshop 

From 3d model to ready made precise part

Climate chamber testing (temperature down to -80C and humidity)



Our company performs tests in its own medium-high voltage and power laboratory in Väckelsång, Sweden. The indoor test network can provide 6 - 145kV and up to 1.5MV and can simulate all types of protection relay settings via a comprehensive network simulator system.

WIDE RANGE OF AIRBREAK SWITCHES for customer testing in indoor 12kV overhead line network

SWITCHGEAR FOR INDOOR underground cables test network

1,5 MW GAS TURBINE GENERATOR driving indoor 12kV network


Hughes Power System’s service department takes care of the after sale market as fault finding, installation consultancy, programming of protection relay data, planning of radio communication networks. Our resources include servicing for Data radio, Tetra and GSM systems.

DIGITAL RADIO performance test

ANTENNA performance testing


Our partners

The Nordic area

Experts in importing, marketing and
selling electrical engineering products.

Europe's leading generators of
electricity and heat.


World's largest manufacturer of
equipment for electrical networks.


World's largest manufacturer of
equipment for electrical networks.

UK and Ireland

The UK's leading specialist in cable
installation equipment

Our news


Video report on MEE exhibition participation, Dubai, March 2019.

Video report on MEE exhibition participation on 5-7th March, 2019, Dubai. 

Middle East Electricity is the world's largest international exhibition for the power industry. This year it welcomed more than 1600 exhibitors and 63000 visitors. Hughes presented reclosers and sectionalizers for electrical distribution and energy generation sectors, as well as motor operators for railway applications. 


Hughes Power System will participate in MEE exhibition on 5-7th March, 2019, Dubai.

Hughes Power System will participate in MEE exhibition on 5-7th March, 2019, Dubai.

Hughes Power System will participate in MEE exhibition on 5-7th March, 2019, Dubai. Visit our booth H1 CO1.

Middle East Electricity is the largest exhibition and conference on a global scale for the power industry, covering the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, including renewable energy, energy storage and management, and lighting.

Details here.


New video on installation of a recloser ACR380 for 35kV

Video demontration on the installation of a recloser ACR380 (35kV) to connect the new solar power station in Ukraine.
Press CC in the lower right corner of the video for English subtitles.    


New video on installation of a recloser ACR120 for 12kV

Video demontration on the installation of a recloser ACR120 (12kV) for the overheadline in Ukraine.
Press CC in the lower right corner of the video for English subtitles.    

Advanced Auto reclosers

The ACR series of Automatic Circuit Recloser is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market.

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Auto reclosers
  • Auto reclosers
  • Autoself, time-voltage sectionalizers
  • Recloser controls
  • Сontrol cabinets for vacuum breaker modules
  • Kiosk auto reclosers
  • Substations vacuum circuit breaker modules
  • Overhead line vacuum circuit breaker modules
  • Motor operators for airbreak switches
  • Voltage transformers