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Hughes Power System is a Swedish manufacturer of environmentally friendly equipment for electrification and automation of mass transport and electrical distribution systems. Very high quality standards together with innovative approach result in an advanced range of products, aiming to improve network quality by minimizing the number and duration of faults.

We are

One of the company's greatest advantages is that Hughes designs and manufactures its own parts and components. As a result, we work together with our clients and transform our standard products into the custom-made solutions.

That is how your individual ideas are brought to life.

Hughes Power System specializes in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of medium voltage outdoor and indoor switchgear products.
The majority of Hughes Power System’s products are designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Swedish standards

Corporate values

Our vision

As we move towards our goal of being a world class advanced technological company in electrical utility products, we guarantee our commitment to the well known Swedish standards of reliability, safety and quality.

Our mission

Elegant, innovative solutions at affordable price!

Our slogan


Our team is one of the pioneers of "distribution automation" from the early days. Smart grids are current and future methods to rise the efficiency, minimise the number of interruptions, interruption time and distribution losses.

Research and DevelopmentProduct

Hughes Research and Development implements mechanical, electrical and electronic design processes for all its products. They include 3D modeling, FEM methods (Finite Elements) analysis, first level of prototyping in 3D printing, second level of prototyping completed in our production facilities using real materials and components. Final stage is prototype testing performed in different climate chambers, electrical high power laboratory and EMC and PD testing in Faraday cage chambers.

CNC controlledproduction

Hughes factory automation system manages everything from sourcing the best suitable materials and suppliers, production processes to the final approval of products before delivery.
Majority of the products are made from easily recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.
Digitalization, automation and robotization of Hughes production processes for parts manufacturing and assemblies guaranty very high level of uniform quality.

Testing andquality certification

Hughes testing facilities include electrical testing laboratory, climate and mechanical testing. Internal factory audit of quality and test routines follows Hughes ISO 9000 standards.

Shipping andCustomer support

To ensure full customer satisfaction Hughes guaranties full product life cycle support. This includes everything from fast delivery, commissioning and product training.

Our partners

The Nordic area

Europe's leading generators of
electricity and heat.

Swedish supplier of electric power equipment


World's largest manufacturer of
equipment for electrical networks.


World's largest manufacturer of
equipment for electrical networks.

UK and Ireland

The UK's leading specialist in cable
installation equipment

Our news


New video on OVX vacuum circuit breaker series

Video demo on the OVX overhead line vacuum circuit breakers. It is clearly the most modern and safe product of its kind on today's market. It is built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance. OVX has built-in current transformers and voltage sensors. The model range includes products for 6/15, 22/27 and 33/40kV voltage classes. It is a very reliable and safe breaking element for electrical lines.


New video on ACR240 recloser with a built-in disconnector

Video demo on the ACR240 recloser with built-in disconnector. Hughes ACR series of reclosers is clearly the most advanced and safest product of its kind on today's market. It is built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance. The model range is available for 6/15, 22/27 and 33/40kV.


New video on LBS vacuum load break switches

Hughes LBS series of vacuum load break switches series is designed and manufactured in Sweden. It is built for use on overhead distribution lines for sectionalizer applications or as a very reliable and safe alternative to a disconnector / air break switch.

LBS can be equipped with Hughes control units for remote control.


New video on the VXR, recloser for substations / kiosks.

Hughes' VXR series of kiosk reclosers is designed and manufactured in Sweden for use in underground distribution lines, in distribution substation applications and as an advanced Smart Grid building block.
The VXR kiosk recloser purpose is to automatically clear faults with very short interruptions.

Advanced Auto reclosers

The ACR series of Automatic Circuit Recloser is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market.

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