The ACR series of Automatic Circuit Recloser is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market. It is built on the well proven OVX, Vacuum circuit breaker module and the FTU Recloser controller.

Hughes Power System Auto reclosers for overheard line 12kV
  • Non enclosed switch for extra safety
  • Integrated air break switch for personal safety
  • Operation On and Off with full load without electric power
  • Solid insulated. No harmful SF6 gas
  • Core balance transformer for detecting low earth faults
  • Frame of stainless steel

What is anAuto recloser

The OVX, Vacuum Interrupter module is solidly insulated with an integrated air break switch for extra personal operation safety. It has low weight, most of the parts are made of stainless steel and with focus on minimizing electro chemical corrosion. The bushings and isolators are made of epoxy and silicone rubber.

The OVX series of switch module components are a modular building system for easy tailored switches for different qualified solutions. The base is a Vacuum Interrupter Module as can take a multiple selection of options. The Air break Switch option and Earth Switch option can not be combined on the same OVX.

Hughes Power System overhead line autorecloser recloser 12kV

The air break switch gives visible open points of all three phases for extra safety. The air break switch is synchronised with the vacuum interrupter and can not be open or closed when the vacuum interrupter is closed.

The earth switch is synchronised with the vacuum interrupter and can not be closed when the vacuum interrupter is closed.

The Vacuum Interrupter module can be fitted with a combination of non, two or three phase current transformers with different winding ratio and with multiple tapings.

An addition to the phase current transformers is the core balance current transformer as measure and detect extreme low earth currents. It is suitable for all networks with isolated neutral point.
This solution gives a secure detection of extreme low earth currents as the CCT unit combines all three phases in one winding.

Hughes Power System overhead line autorecloser recloser 24kV

The ACR series are designed for use on overhead distribution lines, in distribution substation applications and as an advanced Smart Grid building block

The FTU protection relay is fitted with multiple microprocessors and digital signaling processors for high end performance. On top of the protection functionality, the FTU unit has also built-in RTU functionality for easy SCADA integration.

The FTU unit has built in DNP3 serial and TCP/IP and IEC 60870-5-101 serial and IEC 60870-5-104 TCP/IP and MODBUS serial /IP signaling protocol. The VIM and FTU unit can operate in complex Smart Grid application or in a single stand alone application.

Hughes Power System overhead line autorecloser recloser 24kV

Who needs Auto reclosers?

  • Utilities who has weak network infrastructures
  • Many (SAIFI) or long (SAIDI) un-planned interruptions
  • Lifetime extension of existing network infrastructures
  • Hostile climate – Cold or Hot!
  • Many customers per km cable or very rural areas
  • Regulatory perspective – heavy fines at interruptions
  • SAIFI = system average interruption frequency index
  • SAIDI = system average interruption duration index



From gas / electrical actuators with air break switches

Hughes Power System airbreak switch operator

To high preformance vacuum breakers with low maintenance cost and recloser functionality.

Hughes Power System overhead line autorecloser with cable connections

Auto recloser applications

  • Fault clearance in over-head line networks
  • Replacement of substation breakers
  • Fault clearance in underground cable networks
  • Capacitor bank switch
  • Trunk and spur lines
  • Dynamic networks with moving "normal open point"
  • Remote control

Comparison Air-break switch vs. Vacuum breaker

Hughes Power System autorecloser and airbreak switch comparison


  • Phase over current
  • Low earth fault 0.1A
  • Standard and custom current profiles
  • Directional sensitive
  • SEF (Sensitive Earth Fault)
  • Phase angle window (+-) 30-90° around torque point
  • Cos/Sin θ algorithm
Hughes Power System protection relay
  • Measurement of all electrical parameters
  • Quality
  • Harmonics up to 31st Returning cold load
  • Transformer magnetizing, 2nd harmonic IP and serial SCADA connection
  • Simple local control with big buttons
Hughes Power System protection relay earth fault operation


  • TCP/IP via TP, Fibre or copper wire
  • Serial RS-232 or RS-485/422 Broadband, TP or ADSL / Fibre modem
  • Digital radio modem
  • Compatible with Radius NetMan CCU
  • Compatible with SGN Plexman 2 GSM/3G/4G serial or fixed IP address
  • CDMA450 (Net 1 in Sweden, C-Montech in Russia)
  • TETRA 
  • Satellite via Iridium or InmarSat​
Hughes Power System digital TETRA radio

New Auto recloser Application

Hughes Protection Relay App is an unique tool for a modern Electrical Utility Linesman. Operation of the breaker, change of relay parameters etc.

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