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EOA500 and the latest addition EOA600 series of motor operating drives are intended to be used in air break switch/disconnector applications in electrical distribution networks and for electrical trams and rail networks. The products are characterized by its unique design with low motor start current and high electro mechanical efficiency. The devices are designed for manual and automatic remote control of air break switches. The motor operating drives are simple to install and have all the necessary electronics and control panel built in.

Hughes Power System motor operating drive
  • Unique motor mechanism with low start current and high start torque
  • Secure self-locking motor mechanism
  • Easy installation and compatible with most air break switches
  • Optional automatic sectionalizing logic
  • Optional remote blocking unit for locking the output shaft for extra safety
  • High quality stainless steel for cabinet and parts


The EOA600R railway motor operating drive, characterized by its innovative design, is a complete solution from a pole to SCADA system.

The unit is intended for control of disconnectors / earth switches with or without load break heads. The motor drive is easy to install and has built-in all functions for SCADA integration.

The motor drive can be directly applied on most 0.5 to 25 kV DC/AC single or double (AT or BT system), gang operated 3-phase disconnectors. The unit has a complete interface to SCADA system with multiple dry contacts. Optional built in 4G-LAN-Fiber RTU is available.

Hughes Power System motor operating drive for railway


  • Unique motor mechanism with low starting current and high starting torque
  • Secure self-locking motor mechanism
  • Optional lock solenoid on motor shaft for extra security
  • Optional DC control and AC motor
  • Easy installation and compatible with most air break switches
  • Made of stainless steel
Hughes Power System motor operator for railway


1. Main motor

2. Trapezoid screw mechanism

3. Magnetic assisted switches

4. Hand crank

5. Out going torque shaft

6. Pad lock facility

7. Cabinet wall sealing

8. Cable glands, 3 pcs
Hughes Power System motor operator for railway


Nominal voltage V AC/DC (Un) 24/110/230
Nominal frequency DC, 16.7, 50, 60 Hz
Voltage range 0.7...1.2 x Un
Nominal current, A @230 VAC 50 Hz 2
Electrical connection Main motor power, Switch position indication, Local – remote operation, Remote block in-out, Remote block indication
Material of cabinet Non magnetic stainless steel 1.4404, opt GRP
Dimensions cabinet, (HxWxD) mm 615 x 275 x 185
Weight, kg 32
Operational temperature range, °C -50…+60
Degree of protection to EN 60529 IP54
Max. installation height above sea level (m) 4,000
Linear stroke (mm) 50 – 250 depending on operation arm
Switching time (0.8...1.1 x Un) seconds 1.5 - 2.5
Stroke velocity [mm/s] 50 – 100
Actuating force in end positions [kN]  (disconnector close / open) min. 4.0
Actuating force at half displacement [kN] min. 2.5
Remote control, Option RTU with IEC 60870-5-101 serial, -104 IP, Modbus protocol
Remote blocking, Option Bi-stable remote blocking of actuating function
Impulse control Main motor, Option Control input pulse 10-500 ms
Impulse control Remote blocking, Option Impulse control Remote blocking, Option

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