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Hughes motor drives represent a complete solution from pole to SCADA. The wide model range is designed for disconnectors and earth switches of both reciprocating (up-down motion) or torsional (rotating motion) types. The applications are from lower voltage in trams to medium voltage in railways and electrical distribution, as well as heavy motor mechanisms in high voltage disconnectors and earth switches. 

The standard products can be customized with the assortment of internal components and external accessories.

Hughes Power System motor operating drive
  • Unique motor mechanism
  • Secure self-locking motor mechanism
  • Easy installation and compatible with most disconnectors
  • Optional automatic sectionalizing logic
  • Optional remote blocking unit for locking the output shaft for extra safety
  • High quality stainless steel for cabinet and parts


Hughes EOA700 motor drive for disconnectors and earth switches with rotating – torsional operation mode has the following advantages:

  • Complete solution from a pole to SCADA system;
  • Low maintenance. Hughes products are built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance due to the highest quality materials used in the construction. 
  • The mechanical system is permanently lubricated and does not require any maintenance or greasing;
  • The main worm−gear assembly, which provides operating torque and supports the weight of the mechanism, is bolted to the supporting structure allowing the housing to serve only as a weather proof covering;
  • Provides a true position remote indication of a disconnector, as well as the necessary operational interlocking functions;
  • Advanced motor mechanism is driven by a digital step motor. The digital control provides an exact position and speed every time independent of temperature or load. The system uses a closed-loop feedback system to ensure its precise operation. Speed and direction control is 100% solid state operated. No relays. The mechanism is fitted with multiple cam controlled and magnetic assisted switches for parallel control to SCADA and interlocking functions. The motor mechanism can be both electrically and mechanically blocked for extra safety. Safe self-locking motor mechanism;
  • External cabinet (1) of highest quality stainless steel. The use of stainless steel in accordance with DIN50049 / 3.1B, thanks to its non-magnetic properties, completely eliminates the occurrence of any kind of corrosion, including electrochemical corrosion over the entire life of the cabinet;
  • Special double roof (2) prevents the accumulation of the water / snow on the cabinet and protects from overheating of the internal cabinet in hot climates;
  • Padlock facility handle (3) protects from unauthorized access;
  • Protection lips (4) from rain water;
  • Inventive climate system (5) for long term reliability. A thermostat controlled PTC heater creates a lifting air stream from the bottom louvers to the top louvers;
  • Inventive protection system (6) from water ingress via the outgoing drive shaft;
  • Insert point for (7) emergency operation hand crank;
  • Optional test set in a rugged plastic flight case for local control of all functions via push buttons and LED indicators;
  • Optional safety bi-stable remote blocking unit, that is blocking mechanically and electrically the motor mechanism operations. That part is controlled by a totally separate system;
  • Air louvers, filters, and internal heater to prevent condensation and ensure trouble− free operation;
  • All mechanisms are factory−wired to terminal blocks;
Hughes Power System motor drive

the eoa700 rotating type motor drive has the following components

  • EOA700 motor mechanism (1);
  • Main gear box (2);
  • Padlock facility for mechanical blocking of operation (3);
  • Digital step motor controller (4);
  • Local operation panel (5);
  • CAM switch (6) with 10 x 2 NC/ 2NO magnetic contacts;
  • Terminal blocks (7) for easy installations;
  • Internal ventilation system (8) with special filter;
  • Heating system (9);
  • Door latch (10);
  • Adjustable length emergency operation hand crank (11);
  • Switch mode UPS power supply (12);

Optional components:

  • Bi-stable remote blocking unit;
  • Temperature compensated battery charger (UPS);
  • Li-Ion batteries for high temperature climate zones, 2 x 12.8 V 20 AH;
  • Standard lead acid AGM type battery 2 x 12 V 20 AH;
  • Input power (24 – 110 VDC, 110 or 230VAC) surge arresters;
  • Communication unit option A: GIO-100 GSM/4G/LAN Router with IEC60870-5-104 signalling protocol and IPSec encryption and IP filtering;
  • Communication unit option B: GIO-200 GSM/4G/LAN Router with IEC60870-5-104 signalling protocol and IPSec and Open VPN encryption and IP filtering;
  • Fiber optic to LAN converter;
Hughes Power System motor drive

the eoa700 rotating type motor drive external accessories:

  • NEW! Grounding system cable theft alarm (1) sends immediate notification to the SCADA system when the grounding system is missing. See details here;
  • NEW! Cable multiplexer system (2) for connecting modern remote blocking motor drive with 6 or 14 wire system to an old 3-cables SCADA system. See details here;
  • Voltage transformer for 6/12kV, 22/27kV and 33/40kV phase to ground connected, epoxy insulated with pole mounting brackets;
  • Voltage transformer for 6/12kV, 22/27kV and 33/40kV phase to phase connected, epoxy insulated with pole mounting brackets;
  • Insulations transformer 230/230 VAC;
  • Surge arresters (3) for 6/15kV, 22/27kV and 33/40kV with mounting brackets;
  • Drop out fuses (4) for 6/15kV, 22/27kV and 33/40kV with mounting brackets;
  • Antenna set for GSM/4G including: antenna, multi band professional glass fibre rod, pole mounted bracket for antenna, antenna cable 8M, RG-213 N-N professional connectors and surge arresters for antenna N-N connectors;
  • Interface couplings between outgoing operation shaft and operation rod from the disconnector;

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Hughes Power System motor drive

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