Recloser controls are the front line of the distribution power system, often located on feeders or in distribution substations. Recloser controls supply the intelligence to the network and handle the network protection and in many cases even the RTU functionality. The protective relay senses the faults, assists the vacuum circuit breaker module in a recloser to clear the fault on the line.

Hughes Power System overhead line autorecloser recloser protection relay 12kV 24kV
  • Remote configuration of all functions, including firmware updates
  • Directional sensitive protection elements for over current and earth faults
  • Multi communication protocol, Modbus, DNP, IEC -101, -104 and 61850
  • 3Io Cos (Active Measuring) and Intermittent (> 150 μs) ground fault detection
  • Cabinet and mounting bracket of stainless steel
  • 4 separate protection groups with automatic power flow direction change

New Auto recloser Application

Hughes Protection Relay App is an unique tool for a modern Electrical Utility Linesman. Operation of the breaker, change of relay parameters etc.

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