The ACR series of Automatic Circuit Recloser for 6/15 kV, 22/27 kV and 33/40 kV is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market. It is built on the well proven OVX, Vacuum circuit breaker module and the FTU Recloser controller.

Hughes Power System Auto reclosers for overheard line 12kV
  • Non enclosed switch for extra safety
  • Integrated air break switch for personal safety
  • Solid insulated. No harmful SF6 gas
  • Operation On and Off with full load without electric power
  • Core balance transformer for detecting low earth faults
  • Frame of "Marine grade" premium stainless steel


  • High current vacuum breaker element, AMF type 
  • 630 or 1250A continuous line load
  • 20 or 25kA fault current in max 3 sec
  • Bushings of epoxy with silicone surface 
  • Integrated and synchronized air break switch
  • Attachment points for down pole mounted airbreak switch handle
  • Visible open points on all 3-phases
  • Integrated 3x phase current transformers
  • Integrated 1x core balance CT for low earth faults
HUGHES POWER SYSTEM overhead line autorecloser 12kV
  • Frame made of 5 and 4mm SIS 2333 stainless steel
  • Electrical circuit made of copper
  • No electro chemical corrosion
  • Integrated heater 
  • Three phase CT + core balance CT for low earth faults (100mA)
  • Manual manoeuver of both vacuum interrupter and air break switch.
  • Design specification IEC 62271-111
  • Marking specification IEEE std C37.60 
Hughes Power System autorecloser for overhead line 12kV


HUGHES POWER SYSTEM overheadline autorecloser 12 kV


Description ovx120 ovx120  
Rated maximum voltage 12 kV 12 kV  
Rated basic impulse level, P>P 85 kV 85 kV  
Rated basic impulse level, P>E 75 kV 75 kV  
Power frequency withstand, Dry 50 kV 50 kV  
Power frequency withstand, Wet 45 kV 45 kV  
Description 12 KV 12 kV  
Rated continuous current 630 A 1250 A  
Rated fault making current 50 kA 50 kA  
Rated fault breaking current 20 kA 20 kA  
Cable charging current 20 A 40 A  
Line charging current 5 A 10 A  
Rated fault duration time 3 s 3 s  
Contact resistance, VCB < 35 µΩ < 35 µΩ  
Contact resistance,ABI < 60 µΩ < 60 µΩ  
Network frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz  
Description Winding 1 Winding 2 Winding 3
Phase CT type 1 200/1 400/1 600/1
Core balance CT (12 kV) 20/1    
Design min mechanical/electrical 20.000 20.000  
Mass (weight) without air break switch - kg (lbs) 75 (165) 77 (170)  
Mass (weight) with air break switch - kg (lbs) 98 (216) 98 (216)  
Ambient temperature C (F) -45 - +70 -45 - +70  
Humidity 100% at 25 C 100% at 25 C  
Bushing type Epoxy core with silicone surface
Creep distance to group 400 mm 400 mm  
Max installation altitude at rated BIL 3000 M 3000 M  
Rated operation voltage 220 VAC 110 VDC  
Rated power 40 W 40 W  
Design specification IEC 62271-111
Marking specification IEEE std C37.60
Operation sequence, no charge 25 ms trip - 50 ms close - 25 ms trip

New Auto recloser Application

Hughes Protection Relay App is an unique tool for a modern Electrical Utility Linesman. Operation of the breaker, change of relay parameters etc.

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