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The primary function of a motor operating mechanism is to provide reliable remote operation of disconnectors by
means of a reciprocating (up-down motion) or torsional (rotating motion) operation. Hughes produces a wide range of different motor operation mechanisms for disconnectors and earth switches. The product range covers everything from small low voltage applications in tram to medium voltage applications in rail and electrical distribution to heavy motor mechanisms in high voltage disconnector application.

Hughes Power System motor operating drive
  • Unique motor mechanism with low start current and high start torque
  • Secure self-locking motor mechanism
  • Easy installation and compatible with most air break switches
  • Optional automatic sectionalizing logic
  • Optional remote blocking unit for locking the output shaft for extra safety
  • High quality stainless steel for cabinet and parts


EOA500TVS series of motor operating drives is intended to be used in air break switch/disconnector applications in electrical distribution networks.

The EOA500TVS’ is characterized by its unique design with low motor start current and high electro mechanical efficiency.

The device is designed for automatic sectionalising and for manual remote control of disconnectors.

The motor drive is simple to install and has all the necessary electronics and control panel built in.

Hughes Power System motor drive with auto sectionalising


  • Unique motor mechanism with low starting current and high starting torque; 
  • Secure self-locking motor mechanism; 
  • Automatic sectionalizing logic;
  • Easy installation and compatible with most air break switches;
  • Made of stainless steel;
Hughes Power System motor drive


  • The EOA500TVS utilizes a Time Voltage Sectionalizing algorithm.
  • When a fault is registered by the feeding substation, its circuit breaker trips. At the same moment, the EOA500TVS senses that the line voltage disappeared.
  • The first timer starts after a pre-programmed time, the EOA500TVS opens when the line is de-energized. The network is now divided in several sections.
  • After a certain time, the substation circuit breaker energizes the outgoing feeder. The first EOA500 senses that the voltage has returned.
  • The second timer starts. After a pre-programmed time, the EOA500TVS closes the disconnector.
  • If the line voltage disappears in a pre-programmed time window, the EOA500TVS realizes that it has closed into the fault. The substation circuit breaker trips for the fault, it turns on and energizes the feeder. In the same moment the EOA500TVS that has closed into the fault will not close again. The sectionalizing sequence is now complete.
Hughes Power System motor drive

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