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Hughes series of air break switches (disconnectors) were especially developed for railway, light rail and tram applications. They are built to remain in operation for more than 30 years without major maintenance. The models range for railways includes 1 pole, 1+1 pole and 2 poles versions. Together with our motor drives it provides a complete solution for automation and remote control of the railway and tram electrical networks.

Hughes Power System disconnectors for railways
  • High quality mechanical parts
  • Low life cycle cost
  • High level of insulation
  • Innovative design
  • Silicone insulators
  • Easy to remote control


Hughes' RABS series of one pole disconnectors is designed and manufactured in Sweden for use in railway and light rail applications. They can be operated both manually and via EOA500 motor drives.

One pole disconnectors model range:

  • RABS1S-15 1 pole disconnector for 15kV for railways and light rail;
  • RABS1S-25 1 pole disconnector for 25kV for railways and light rail;

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Hughes disconnector



  • Arcing horns (1) and pre-arcing horns made of copper or stainless steel;
  • Contact set (2) made out of nickel plated high grade copper;
  • Silicone insulators (3);
  • Switch frame made out of specified silicone content steel for best hot dip galvanizing (4);

Optional components:

  • Switch position indicator for connection to SCADA system;
  • Earthing switch;
  • Directional changer for operation;
  • Rod insulator;
Hughes disconnector


Up to 4pcs of RABS1S 1 pole disconnectors  and 4pcs of EOA series motor drives can be installed on one wooden or concrete pole.

The standard installation includes below elements in the following sequence:

  • RABS1S 1 pole disconnector (1);
  • EOA series motor drive (2);
  • Operation rod (3);
Hughes disconnector


RABS1S-15 and RABS1S-25
Measure 15 kV 25 kV
Nominal voltage, kV Un 15 25
Rated current, A In 1600 1600
Rated insulation level, kV UNm 17.5 27.5
Rated impulse voltage, kV UNi 170 250
Short-duration power-frequency test level, kV Ua 80 95
Rated frequency (A.C.), Hz fr 16.7 50
Rated transformer breaking current, A I3 9 9
Rated cable-charging breaking current, A I4a 6 6
Rated short-time withstand current, kA Ik 32 32
Rated duration of short-circuit current, s tk 1 1
Rated peak withstand current, kA Ip 93 93
Rated short-circuit making current, kA Ima 16 16
Creepage distance approx. S 765 1100
Opening distance L 310 480
Insulator type   silicone silicone
Weight kg    
Endurance class   2 2
Over voltage class   OV4 Ov4
Test DIN EN 50152-2:2012, 50124-1: 2017

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